SPECIAL MESSAGE: Most Americans fail to recognize the 3 basic mistakes almost everyone will make in the first hour of a crisis

A new Carrington Event is headed our way and our government is not going to protect us…

From: William Rapp
Dateline: Wednesday 11:24AM

How would you like to know:

  • The most important single item to include in your “Go Bag”
  • The food product you can’t live without (that will disappear from store shelves at the first hint of a disaster)
  • The item you can buy in any store that will make you far more likely to survive
  • The 4 easy steps you can take TODAY to get ready FAST.

Dear Fellow Patriot:

I’ve gone rogue and you’re invited to join me.

You deserve to hear the truth.  And I’m the one who tells it.

But first, I need you to promise me something.  Promise not to share this information or this website.

At first thought, this may seem odd to you.  But it will make sense.  Just bear with me for a moment.

For me, it started just a few years ago.

That’s when a group of Scientists and Engineers told me about the Carrington Event.

It’s named after Astronomer Richard C. Carrington.  And it’s the event that will destroy our civilization here in North America as well as cripple the European economy.

In 1859, Carrington documented a Sun Flare, known as a Coronal Mass Ejection that knocked out power to North American and parts of Europe.  Fortunately, only a few major cities had electricity in 1859, and people just reverted back to using other technologies.

However, the same event today would change the way we live.  We are utterly dependent upon electricity for everything.  If all electricity were cut off, perhaps millions of Americans would die within the first few weeks.

Most American only have enough food to last 3-5 days.  When stores close and transit stops, we’ll have to fend for ourselves.  We’ll also have to protect our families from angry food rioters and looters.

And many believe there would be a complete governmental collapse.  But some say the government is preparing for just such a situation.  To save itself, not us.

Forbes, The Denver Post, and Fox News all report that Homeland Security has put in a purchase order for 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition.  The purchase includes hollow-point rounds, strictly forbidden by international law for use in war.

For perspective, during the height of the Iraq war, the US was expending about 6 million rounds per month.  That means Homeland Security is preparing for a conflict, with illegal rounds, that will last more than 20 years!

The secret is out.  We are long overdue for another Carrington Event.  And the government is preparing like never before for an event that will change our world.


Along with an exceptional group of researchers and top experts, I was amazed to find that your survival comes down to 20 basic facts. We tested them every way we could think of.  But the answer kept coming back the same:  there are 20 basic rules, if you will, that determine Survival.  20 facts.  And 20 simple rules to follow.

Be aware new developments are making officials sit up and take notice. Even the most hardened professionals see the coming crisis in a new and very threatening way. And you’ll soon see why.

Summer 2013 is here, our community of prepared citizens is growing, and we have special considerations to work out as we prepare.

This is basic and realistic material. Absolutely anyone can understand what we’re talking about here.

Unfortunately, our world is full of threats. Whether its the Earthquake Epidemic of 2011, flooding in the heartland, the hurricane watch of 2006-2012, or the credible terrorist threats barely thwarted in the past 18 months–all Americans need a plan of action.

Consider What Happens In A Crisis:

  • There will be no way to find the food you need when store shelves are empty.
  • In a Hurricane, Earthquake, Blizzard, Tornado, Flood or Terror Threat you can’t find the supplies you need even a few hours after the crisis begins.
  • Your chance will be gone if you do not prepare now.

Will it be too late for your family?

For little or no money and in just a few days, you can take steps to ensure your family’s safety.

The key strategy is so simple you can implement it with very little effort in your spare time. In fact, the plan is so simple and inexpensive, you’ll wonder why it’s not common knowledge. But we’ll get to that later.

Right now, we should talk about being prepared, and why most Americans ignore the warning signs that will become obvious to you.

This may surprise you, but most Americans will make 3 basic mistakes in the first hour of a crisis. Find out how to correct these mistakes without spending a lot of money.

Please do your family a favor. I want to believe you have a hero streak inside you. You can be the one to take charge in an emergency.

Take this plan to heart.

Follow this simple approach to readiness.

And for sake of all of us, take action.

Stop and think about the consequences of inaction:

  1. Do you know the first 10 food items to disappear from store shelves during a crisis?
  2. Would you like to know the secret to creating drinkable water no matter where you are?
  3. Do you want a simple plan that keeps your family safe with supplies for little or no money?
  4. Is your “Go Bag” ready with everything you need to get out of town and survive the initial crisis?
  5. Are you ready with the long-term scenario to outlast anything, including a governmental collapse?

The solution is simple. You need a comprehensive plan (which can be implemented on a shoe-string budget) that covers: protection, water, food, and shelter. You need The Rule Of 20 and it’s easy-to-follow system. This may be the most important plan you ever consider. It’s time to get started now.

If we can talk frankly, I want to make sure you are in the right mind-set. When it comes to our family and loved ones, we would do absolutely anything to keep them safe. Am I right?

The most important thing is family. I believe that with my whole heart.

Which is why I have to do this. Please bear with me…

Where will you be when a crisis hits?

Ask yourself some simple questions:

  1. Where are your loved ones?
  2. Do they know what to do if a crisis hits while you are at work?
  3. How will you protect your family…and what will you say when your kids look to you for food and shelter after a crisis hits?

Be the provider. Don’t let your family suffer waiting for FEMA or some other government agency after a disaster.

How do you become the provider? That’s the easy part…

Put your plan into action. And don’t worry it’s too late. Within a single day The Rule Of 20 and it’s easy-to-follow plan can get you started.

It’s time to look at the facts. The world is accelerating into an era of uncertainty.

  • As the dust settles from the biggest earthquake in the history of Oklahoma, the seismic community wonders what’s next.
  • Scientists grapple with the implications of 3 states in 3 months experiencing the biggest quakes in their histories.
  • Oklahoma, Colorado, and Virginia shook like never before.
  • The biggest quake in the history of Virginia shook all the way to Canada.
  • California is overdue for a major quake.
  • Seismologists says Seattle, Portland, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Las Vegas, and even Phoenix are in the crosshairs of tectonic movement.

The facts are indisputable. There is no place to hide from the awesome power of of nature. Our only choice is to be ready to fight the toughest battle of our lives.

Only the prepared survive. We are a community. A band of survivors. But we must also help each other; that is the best way to help ourselves.

So let me ask you: how are YOUR plans coming along?

Perhaps you’ve spent hours, or even days, searching the internet for tidbits of information. Maybe you have some usable information, and some ideas about what to do in an emergency. But do you have an actionable plan in place if something went terribly wrong in the next day, or week?

As Team Leader, I’m very proud of our group here at Survival Engineers.

We’ve spent significant time and effort creating The Rule Of 20.

We’ve made amazing breakthroughs.

And, perhaps most importantly…

We know what we’re talking about because we’ve been there…

….and we know the simple truths:

  1. There’s no way around it: all foods are not created equal. Stocking the wrong foods can quite simply cost you your life.
  2. There’s a list of important supplies that you need to have on hand. But trying to travel weighed down by the wrong supplies can be lethal.
  3. Everyone must be able to recognize when it’s time to leave. Too many lives are lost because of failure to see the obvious signs.

I hate to be so blunt, but either you’re with us or you’re against us. That’s what it comes down to. You may be the kindest soul on earth, but if you have to choose between stealing or letting you children starve….well, I know which you’ll choose.

Please don’t get me wrong…

…I’m not thrilled by the prospect of living off the grid and being self sufficient. But I’ll do exactly what I have to do to.

This is why you need to have a plan in place. You need the Rule of 20 to light your way. Don’t fall into the darkness of being unprepared and unable to resist the temptation to steal what you need to survive.

It’s time to realize that not everyone will survive. It is your choice whether you’ll be the one to survive, or the one to join the looters fighting for every scrap.

Be prepared and you’ll not only have the proper supplies, you’ll also know how to protect them.

To drive this point home, consider how complacent we are…

A recent poll conducted by the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University reveals startling complacency in average citizens. Despite lessons of recent disasters, the poll finds that almost one-third of Americans believed that during a major disaster, calling 911 would bring help within one hour. How can 100 million Americans believe this?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, more than 1800 people perished. More than 17,000 died in the 2011 Japan Earthquake. And on the one-year anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake, the Prime Minister estimated 316,000 people had died, mostly because help could not get to them in time.

This is a central theme of The Rule Of 20. You must become self-sufficient because, simply put: “help will not come.”

Help will not come in time. Sometimes help will not come at all.

Learn the what the experts know:

  • How many pounds of rice/wheat/corn do you need to store per person to survive one year?
  • What packing material will keep almost any food fresh for 5-15 years?
  • What single product found at any grocery store can you use to build a solar oven, sharpen scissors, make a dew-condenser for drinkable water, create a thermal blanket, build a solar-still making any water source drinkable, and make repairs to electrical items.

The Rule Of 20 answers your questions. It puts to rest the nagging fears that keep you up at night. And it’s presented so plainly, in writing, for absolutely ANYONE to understand.

I can’t say enough about this material. I personally vouch for it’s simplicity and usefulness. If, for any reason, you don’t agree The Rule Of 20 is an absolute MUST for anyone to survive the coming crisis, then return it for a full refund! That’s a complete refund of every penny you paid for this product. No questions asked. Absolutely no risk to you!

So now you know The Rule Of 20 is completely backed by a money-back-guarantee.

It’s a no-brainer. You can even look at the entire product, decide for yourself whether The Rule Of 20 is exactly what you need…and if it isn’t, just return it. No questions asked. No risk at all.

Why am I so confident that you’ll want to keep The Rule Of 20?

Because it can save your life. And by saving your life, I could very well be saving the life of myself or someone I love.

Don’t stop with the basics. Get specific. Get ready. Get The Rule Of 20.

The Rule Of 20
Survive In A Crisis & Be Prepared

By now you figured out this guide can be the difference between your family’s survival and, well…your only option is survival, so the alternatives don’t matter.

The steps have been broken down so anyone can do this. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be surprised how little effort it takes to get prepared.

In no time at all, you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about your personal “Go Bag” with everything you’ll need to get out of town and survive.
  • The food items that will disappear from store shelves within hours of a crisis.
  • Basic and realistic protection for your family.
  • How to ensure your family has virtually unlimited drinking water in any emergency, and how to barter your supply without endangering your family and friends.
  • How to practically “smell” a food shortage coming and what to do about it.
  • How to move fast and respond correctly to any outage (electricity, water, food, etc.)
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes amateur survivalists make in the first 20 hours of a crisis.

We think The Rule Of 20 Survival Guide is unparalleled. But we also think more is better. So when you order The Rule Of 20 you’ll also receive Two FREE Bonus Guides to help you.

The Survival Engineers Team has created one of the most complete, vital survival guides on the market today. We’ve also made your job easier by compiling two FREE Bonus Guides that list the items you will need most in an emergency.

Whether it’s a short term emergency, an extended crisis, or even a disaster that forces you to leave your home and survive on the move we have you covered with our exhaustively researched and tested Complete Family of Survival Guides.

Keep reading and you’ll see how easy we make this process. We spell it out for you with the 20 or more items that disappear from store shelves as soon as a crisis hits, and more than 20 items that are an absolute must for your “go bag.”

FREE Bonus Guide
The 20+ Items That Sell Out First In A Crisis

How would like to know exactly which items will disappear from store shelves at the first hint of a crisis? Here’s the guide you’ve been waiting for. Nobody wants to fight an angry and unprepared mob at the hardware, grocery, or big box store. It’s dangerous to you and your family. And it’s completely unnecessary. Just use this simple list to ensure you’ve stocked all of the items you’ll need when everyone else is panicking!

Do you know which items will store for 5 years of more? Do you know exactly how much protein, carbohydrate, and b-complex your body needs on a weekly basis? Get ready with very little money by stockpiling cheap and reusable items that could stand between you and starvation. Find out how simple it is to be prepared, even on a shoe-string budget. Don’t break the bank, just go down this simple list and find yourself prepared before you know it.

  • If you’ve ever been to a hardware store or grocery, you’re overqualified to follow this simple step-by-step list
  • You’ll be astonished how little you’ll need to spend & how cheap and available vital supplies really are
  • Even if you have very little to spend, you can start building an efficient and easy-to-store stockpile in a few cupboards
  • Often, the hardest-to-find items AFTER a crisis are the easiest, cheapest, and most coupon-friendly items BEFORE the crisis

FREE Bonus Guide
The 20+ Items To Put In Your Bug-Out Bag

There’s no question everyone needs a “Go Bag” packed and ready to bug-out. Help may not come in time, and in some cases help may not come at all. If you have everything you need to survive as you travel to safety, your family stands a better chance of survival.

This FREE Bonus Guide gives you the list everyone wants. The list of items that you MUST have in your vehicle or at your place of employment. This list could easily save your life.

  • Have the supplies you need if you’re forced to spend the night in an unfamiliar or even dangerous outdoors area.
  • Don’t GUESS what you’ll need to survive on the road. KNOW what the tried-and-true equipment is for road safety.
  • If you’re forced to abandon your vehicle have the light-weight supplies you’ll need to stay mobile, safe, and well-fed.
  • Get more than a dozen of the most vital items for little or no money!

But what’s the pricetag of peace-of-mind? How much would the average person be willing to pay for the most important guides printed in your lifetime?

Our team put a great deal of our own time and money into this project. And I won’t lie, we did it for our own benefit as well as yours.

We plan to include you and your family in our survival plans, because, simply stated: we stand a better chance of survival if our expanding family of survivors is just as prepared as we are.

So we’ve made the self-serving decision to sell our life’s work at a price that virtually ANYONE can afford. And don’t forget we offer a full money-back guarantee of every penny you spent if you don’t want to keep the guides (even if you’ve already read the material).

We’ve had these guides appraised and have agreed that the market price of this material is close to $165.00. But, true to our word, we’re making all of this material available FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME at less than $50.

This is a gamble on our part. If this works out then we can afford to create more guides to offer our growing family of survivors. And, as you may have guessed, we’ll be offering many of our upcoming guides ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE to those who supported our efforts.

Just to be clear, the suggested price structure is summarized here:

The Rule Of 20 Complete Survival Set
Rule Of 20 Survival Guide $97.00
First Items Gone From Stores In A Crisis $47.00
The Ultimate Items For Your “Go Bag” $19.00
Total Value $163.00

We have made the decision to offer the entire Rule Of 20 Complete Survival Set for $49.97!

That’s right: we’re offering this entire Rule Of 20 Complete Survival Set for $49.97. We do not expect to make much of a profit, if any, selling at this price. But we do expect that offering such valuable information at a reduced price will allow us to spread the word to virtually anyone who can read.

And by offering all of this vital information as such an accessible price, we hope to expand our informational offerings significantly in the coming weeks and months.

Can we really ask our family of survivors to wait a few weeks or months while we compile some of the most vital information going forward? At this point we have no choice.

We’ve already made the decision to offer The Rule Of 20 Complete Survival Set for less than anyone else in the market. We can only hope that we sell enough guides to make back the money we’ve spent. That way we can afford to create more guides, many of which will be offered AT NO COST TO OUR FAMILY OF SURVIVORS.

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That’s our sales pitch. We’re not professional marketers, but we figure that offering a superior product at below market value will speak for itself. We sincerely hope you agree.

And, of course, we offer this complete 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Except maybe some sleep if you let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

100% Refund Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason we offer a complete 100% refund of every penny you spent. This is a worry-free guarantee. Absolutely no questions asked. You can return the product for any reason. And feel free to keep the Bonus Guides as our gift to you.

As the creators of “The Rule Of 20” our team is very, very proud of our many accomplishments. We have absolute confidence that you will find the information in “The Rule Of 20” so timely and necessary that you would wouldn’t think of parting with it. This was our intention: to create a guide you literally could not live without. But we understand money it tight for everyone. And therefore we offer our Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We take our work very seriously. And we stand behind our work. Why? Because we know our lives may literally depend on it’s quality. We offer you our money back guarantee for the same reason: because we simply won’t put money ahead of the well being of your family. We know you’ll agree that our work is unparalleled. But we are also realistic. Hopefully our honesty helps your decision.

No Questions Asked – Absolute Guarantee

We make every effort to deliver the highest quality product to our expanding family of survivors. So we offer our product with a no risk guarantee.

Final Word from Mr. William Rapp, The Survival Engineers Team Leader and founder of Survival Engineers:

I want to address a small concern I have about selling this product.

Now, I realize there may be some misinformed individuals who say I’m trying to make a profit off my fellow Christians. And they are right…to a point. My team and I made the decision to sell this Complete Set Of Survival Guides at a price that may, and I say MAY, allow us to continue our quest to provide our family of survivors with the best possible information to ensure we all survive.

Believe me when I tell you I am only interested in survival. And selling the information my team and I have compiled seems to be the best way to ensure my own survival and the survival of my loved ones.

I invite any and all serious Christian brothers and sisters to leave me comments and, of course, questions about survival in a crisis.

I hope we all survive. I’ll see you ALL on the other side.


William Rapp

William Rapp (for the whole team here at Survival Engineers)


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