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The Carrington Event will render the North American Power Grid useless.

From: William Rapp
Dateline: Friday 11:24AM

Here’s our most up-to-date information:

  • A College Professor’s message goes viral
  • Genius Planetary Scientist forecasts Solar Event that will end civilization
  • The response has been overwhelming…public braces for Solar Storm of a Lifetime
  • Repeat of 1859 Event would devastate our modern world

News of a Massive Solar Flare goes viral. Then suddenly, with no warning…eerie silence. The power went out. Phone is dead. No cell signal. The water tap goes dry. Nothing but crackling static on the battery-powered radio. Is this the Solar Storm of a Lifetime?

World renowned Physicist Michio Kaku teamed up with The Weather Channel to sound the alarm about the coming Carrington Event.

Days pass with no news. Some of your neighbors start to leave. People start acting crazy, hoarding supplies. Within a week the battle for survival has begun.

Life will go on!  I promise you that.

The good news is that most humans will survive the Carrington Event.  The bad news is that this Solar Event can cause widespread blackouts, and even total failure of the North American Power Grid.

There’s overwhelming evidence. A series of disturbing images have been captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft since 2011. They document increased solar activity expected to peak from 2013 (now!) to 2014 in an unusually active period that NASA calls the Solar Maximum.

Normally secretive about their research, many planetary scientists are coming forward to warn the public about life-changing consequences of the coming solar storm.

Scientists bark, “It’s happened before.  It will happen again!”

While government agencies desperately try to squash the news, brave scientist are stepping forward, one after another.

Recently, The Weather Channel aired a show that documented what will happen when the next Carrington Event Strikes the Earth. Numerous scientists stepped forward to talk about dire risks to the human race.

And the timing couldn’t be worse.

Scientists are watching for a Coronal Mass Ejection, like the one pictured, that will knock out our electricity for good.

Imagine a solar superstorm that rushes from the surface of the sun to the earth in a mere 17 hours…that’s about 5 times faster than a normal solar flare.

With practically no warning the entire North American Power Grid will go down–possibly for good.

At that point human nature will kick in, and only the prepared will have any chance of survival.

The Solar Event shouldn’t actually kill anyone.  It’s the breakdown of society that follows the Carrington Event that we fear.

I’ve had extensive talks with survival groups about this very event.  And I’ve consulted with fellow scientists.  It’s real folks.  And it’s coming.

It’s not a matter of if…it’s a matter of WHEN.  The Carrington Event is a real phenomenon. It was first documented by English Planetary Scientist Richard Carrington.

It was a Solar Superstorm.

Carrington documented the event in 1859, and predicted it would happen again.  And scores of modern scientists have proven the 1859 event was not the FIRST Carrington Event.

Massive Solar Superstorms been happening at infrequent intervals for thousands of years…

…And the next one is due to hit soon.

Remember the Great Northeast Blackout of August 2003? The Carrington Event will smack us much harder without warning.

Why should we care?  I’ll tell you why:  the last Carrington Event knocked out electricity throughout America, Canada, and all of Europe.

But since so few people depended upon electricity in 1859, the event was soon forgotten.

The Sun is perhaps the ultimate paradox in our world. Sunlight drives all power on our planet. Whether it’s the production of oil and coal from plants that used photosynthesis millions of years ago…or the wind currents that are controlled by the uneven heating of the Earth by the Sun.

But the Sun will ultimately destroy the Earth. We can’t live without it, but it’s certain that a few billion years from now the Sun will go Supernova–as all stars do–and consume the Earth like a piece of paper thrown in a fire.

We have plenty of time before that happens. The human race will presumably be intelligent enough to avoid total annihilation. And we’ll find a way around the minor bumps in the road…such as the next Carrington Event.

It will be traumatic. Of that, there is no doubt. The Carrington Even will define how we are to live in the future. It won’t defeat us. Rather, it will make us a stronger Community of Survivors moving forward.

Gone will be the days of living off the government dole. All members of society will be contributors…or they quite simply will not survive.

We aren’t talking about some new set of rules for reshaping our planet. These are the oldest rules mankind knows. Survival of the Fittest will guide the decisions of the next few generations.

This may seem cruel to some. But I’m afraid we can’t simply pass legislation prohibiting the Sun from setting civilization back a hundred years!

We cannot control the awesome power of the Sun. We can only hope to thrive in the aftermath. The will plenty of acts of kindness and charity after the Sun has spoken. But there will be no free rides. Eventually, everyone will be asked to carry their own weight.

Planetary Scientists are alarmed by the eerie similarity between what they see now and what Carrington observed more than 100 years ago.

Over the past 15-20 years, scientists have begun to look at the Sun as if for the first time. Space telescopes and permanent space stations have allowed us to film and photograph the Sun with astonishing clarity. No longer must we look skyward through the lens of our own atmosphere.

Now we can see the awesome power of the Sun in high-definition. And we can see with renewed clarity that the next Carrington Event is virtually upon us.

The good news is that massive, civilization-changing events rarely happen without warning.

The bad news is that most people–and I include our own government in this–seem to simply ignore the obvious signs.

For those with brains enough to listen, Planetary Scientists are sounding a loud and clear warning.  The major event is building momentum.  The warning signs are clear.  The only question is whether our own leaders will heed the warning.

I’m betting against our leaders.  But I’m betting on you.

I’m betting on our entire community, really.

The story of the Earth and Sun is OUR story.  It’s the story of humankind.

Of all the amazing things in the Universe, perhaps the most amazing story is the development of mankind on our planet.  We are builders, thinkers, and–most of all–survivors.

Of all the billions of species our planet has produced, we are the one species with the best chance to survive and adapt to whatever the Universe throws at us.

And, so far, our story has been inextricably linked to our planet.  The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from deadly space radiation.  And yet is seems to let in just the right amount of sunlight to allow plants to grow and animals to prosper.

It’s an amazing story, really.

National Geographic published a report tracking the devastation the world would feel from a complete communications blackout.

Because we haven’t just prospered.  We have become so intelligent that the collective knowledge of the human race now DOUBLES about ever 7 YEARS!

We now understand more than we ever thought possible.

We understand that the secrets of the universe are much simpler than we ever realized.

For instance, did you know that anywhere we look in the entire Universe, we only see the same 92 natural elements.  These are the same 92 elements we have here on Earth.  Previously we thought that alien worlds must be made of strange new compounds and elements.  They’re not.

It’s intriguing that the galaxy and universe are much simpler that we ever thought.

Increasingly, scientists realize the language of science tells us all about the Universe.  And that same language tells us exactly what to expect in the coming months and years.

As you read this, data continues to pile up.  And solar activity builds to what NASA calls the “Solar Maximum.”

As I’ve said, science and engineering are doubling our intelligence every seven years.

Only 2 years ago, after perfecting our space telescope technology, NASA began sending a series of disturbing pictures back to Earth.

The images showed the Solar Maximum is now virtually upon us.

Of course, NASA shared the disturbing news with officials at the highest levels of our government.

More and more scientists are following Dr. Kaku’s lead and talking openly about the world-changing effects of the coming Carrington Event.

But our leaders seem to pay no attention.  At least, not publicly.

You’re paying attention, right?  You’ve begun to see obvious signs all around you.

And the signs are literally all around us.  As the timing of this inevitable solar event draws nearer, planetary scientists are getting very agitated.

Perhaps you’ve seen them.  More and more scientists are doing what makes them feel very uncomfortable:  they’re talking to the public.

Most scientists by their very nature are introverted.  They prefer to stay in their labs and study data.  It doesn’t come easy to talk to anyone outside the scientific community.  But they’re doing it now.  Hundreds of them.

The National Geographic Channel validated the fears of many scientists with it’s ground-breaking coverage of the Valentine’s Day Solar Flare in 2011.  And since the story broke, the coverage has been constant as solar storms have intensified over the past two years.

As more and more scientists go on The National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Weather Channel, and even the Major Network News in hopes of sounding the alarm in time…I can’t help but wonder when America and the rest of the world will wake up.

We need to put our petty differences aside and prepare the Earth–and its 7 Billion inhabitants–for life after the Carrington Event.

Now you know what’s coming.  You’re reading this.  And perhaps you’ve seen well-known scientists talking about this on TV.  So you know it’s not a secret.

And you know the government should be getting ready…but they aren’t.  At least not in the ways you’d think. Our own government may be prepping…against us. But I’ll get into that in detail later…

So now that you know all this…don’t you want to get yourself prepared?

…Right now I’d like to know if you’re preparing. I mean, after hearing from so many normally soft-spoken scientists…don’t you want to be ready?

Major Publications are finally covering The Carrington Event.

Of course, there are differing opinions out there.  Not about the Carrington Event.  Everyone in the scientific community agrees that it’s real.  And that it’s going to happen.

The differing opinions seem to be about whether our government is taking the scientists seriously.

Recently, a friend pointed me toward news stories that came out in rapid succession from CBS, FOX, ABC, and other news websites.  The stories all dealt with the unexplained purchase of massive amounts of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security. Enough ammo, the stories point out, to fight a domestic war lasting more than 20 years!

They even said the US Government is purchasing hollow-point rounds.  Now, you don’t have to be a gun-buff to realize that hollow-point round rounds have been banned by international treaties from use in foreign conflict.

So, if they’re not going to be used by the US Military in foreign conflict…where ARE the hollow-point rounds going to be used?

Is it possible that the US government is preparing to protect the “government elites” against us, the American People?

Now, I’m not much for conspiracy theories.  I prefer to live in a world of scientific data and proven scientific reality. But even I have to admit there is something fishy going on with all the ammo.

It actually makes a lot of sense to me.  If the North American Power Grid goes down–perhaps permanently–there will be no way for the Federal Government to keep order.

Local police and fire professionals may go to work for a few weeks after the blackout. They will probably feel an obligation to help the citizens of their own cities and towns.  But when it becomes obvious that the Federal Authorities don’t have enough resources to help everyone…well, even the most well-intentioned local cops will do what comes naturally…they will put the lives of their loved-ones first.

I can’t blame them.  There will be no way to keep order.  Already limited supplies will dwindle to nothing.  And it will become open-season on the unprepared.

If I told you that you could take a few basic steps to ensure your family’s safety, you’d be interested, right?

I know I would.  And the truth is:  it’s not that difficult to become prepared.

We see TV shows about doomsday preppers.  But they seem it bit out-of-the-ordinary, don’t they?  Of course they’re a bit strange.  You have to be strange and different to be on TV.  That’s what people like to watch.

But I can tell you that being prepared is more boring that TV makes it look.  And it’s a lot easier.

I have friends who are real-life survival experts.  They’ve written books and led seminars. And, unfortunately they’re very normal people.  Unfortunate, because they’ll never be famous.

Want to make an easy Faraday Cage — A simple metal “box” that protects humans and electronics from an Electrical Pulse?

You’ll remember them, though.  You’ll remember them because they’ll save your life.  And they’ll do it in a way that is so easy, and so simple, that you’ll never be famous either.  You’ll just be safe.

Specifically, I want to share with you the #1 Time-Tested Survival Strategy. This strategy is simple and easy to understand, but it’s not common knowledge.

And when you hear the secrets we’re about to reveal…you’ll wonder WHY this isn’t common knowledge.  It’s so simple.

Look, we all fear the loss of our loved ones.  Maybe you stay up at night wondering how you’ll protect them.  Or you worry that you won’t be around to protect the ones you love.

That’s why we put together a simple, easy-to-read, and easy-to-follow 20-Point Plan to keep you safe.  Our plan is easy, it’s often free to implement, and it works.

Sit comfortably and know your loved ones are safe as the unprepared fight for survival in an uncertain future.

Will it be too late for your family?

For little or no money and in just a few days, you can take steps to ensure your family’s safety.

The key strategy is so simple you can implement it with very little effort in your spare time. In fact, the plan is so simple and inexpensive, you’ll wonder why it’s not common knowledge. But we’ll get to that later.

Right now, we should talk about being prepared, and why most Americans ignore the warning signs that will become obvious to you.

This may surprise you, but most Americans will make 3 basic mistakes in the first hour of a crisis. Find out how to correct these mistakes without spending a lot of money.

Please do your family a favor. I want to believe you have a hero streak inside you. You can be the one to take charge in an emergency.

Take this plan to heart.

Follow this simple approach to readiness.

Jump into action.

Stop and think about the consequences of inaction:

Do you know the first 10 food items to disappear from store shelves after a blackout?

Would you like to know the secret to creating drinkable water no matter where you are?

Is your “Go Bag” ready with everything you need to get out of town and survive the initial crisis?

The solution is simple. You need a comprehensive plan (which can be implemented on a shoe-string budget) that covers: protection, water, food, and shelter. You need The Rule Of 20 and it’s easy-to-follow system. This may be the most important plan you ever consider. It’s time to get started now.

If we can talk frankly, I want to make sure you are in the right mind-set. When it comes to our family and loved ones, we would do absolutely anything to keep them safe. Am I right?

The most important thing is family. I believe that with my whole heart.

Which is why I have to do this. Please bear with me…

Where will you be when a crisis hits?

Ask yourself some simple questions:

  1. Where are your loved ones?
  2. Do they know what to do if a crisis hits while you are at work?
  3. How will you protect your family…and what will you say when your kids look to you for food and shelter after a crisis hits?

Be the provider. Don’t let your family suffer waiting for FEMA or some other government agency after The Carrington Event plunges our world into darkness.

How do you become the provider? That’s the easy part…

Put your plan into action. And don’t worry it’s too late. Within a single day The Rule Of 20 and it’s easy-to-follow plan can get you started.

The facts are indisputable. There is no place to hide from the awesome power of of nature. Our only choice is to be ready to fight the toughest battle of our lives.

Only the prepared survive. We are a community. A band of survivors. But we must also help each other; that is the best way to help ourselves.

So let me ask you: how are YOUR plans coming along?

Perhaps you’ve spent hours, or even days, searching the internet for tidbits of information. Maybe you have some usable information, and some ideas about what to do in an emergency. But do you have an actionable plan in place if something went terribly wrong in the next day, or week?

We have our plan in place. And we have extreme confidence in our preparations.

As Team Leader, I’m very proud of our group here at Survival Engineers.

We’ve spent significant time and effort creating The Rule Of 20.

We’ve made amazing breakthroughs.

And, perhaps most importantly…

We know what we’re talking about because we’ve been there…

…and we know the simple truths:

1. There’s no way around it:  all foods are not created equal. Stocking the wrong foods can cost you your life

2. There’s a list of important supplies you need to have on hand.  But trying to travel weighed down by the wrong supplies can be lethal

3.  Everyone must recognize when it’s time to leave.  Too many lives are lost because of failure to see the obvious signs.

I hate to be so blunt, but either you’re with us or you’re against us. That’s what it comes down to. You may be the kindest soul on earth, but if you have to choose between stealing or letting you children starve….well, I know which you’ll choose.

Please don’t get me wrong…

…I’m not thrilled by the prospect of living off the grid and being self sufficient. But I’ll do exactly what I have to do.

This is why you need to have a plan in place. You need the Rule of 20 to light your way. Don’t fall into the darkness of being unprepared and unable to resist the temptation to steal what you need to survive.

It’s time to realize that not everyone will survive. It is your choice whether you’ll be the one to survive, or the one to join the looters fighting for every scrap.

Be prepared and you’ll not only have the proper supplies, you’ll also know how to protect them.

To drive this point home, consider how complacent we are…

A recent poll conducted by the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University reveals startling complacency in average citizens. Despite lessons of recent disasters, the poll finds that almost one-third of Americans believed that during a major disaster, calling 911 would bring help within one hour. How can 100 million Americans believe this?

This is a central theme of The Rule Of 20. You must become self-sufficient because, simply put: “help will not come.”

Help will not come in time. Sometimes help will not come at all.

Learn the what the experts know:

  • How many pounds of rice/wheat/corn do you need to store per person to survive one year?
  • What packing material will keep almost any food fresh for 5-15 years?
  • What single product found at any grocery store can you use to build a solar oven, sharpen scissors, make a dew-condenser for drinkable water, create a thermal blanket, build a solar-still making any water source drinkable, and make repairs to electrical items.

The Rule Of 20 answers your questions. It puts to rest the nagging fears that keep you up at night. And it’s presented so plainly, in writing, for absolutely ANYONE to understand.

I can’t say enough about this material. I personally vouch for it’s simplicity and usefulness. If, for any reason, you don’t agree The Rule Of 20 is an absolute MUST then return it for a full refund! That’s a complete refund of every penny you paid for this product. No questions asked. Absolutely no risk to you!

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Why am I so confident that you’ll want to keep The Rule Of 20?

Because it can save your life. And by saving your life, I could very well be saving the life of myself or someone I love.

Don’t stop with the basics. Get specific. Get ready. Get The Rule Of 20.

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I invite any and all serious Christian brothers and sisters to leave me comments and, of course, questions about survival in a crisis.

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William Rapp

William Rapp (for the whole team here at Survival Engineers)

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